Book ideas

Some great inspiration for my own future book design for Just waves in space, a cloth bound book with a gold embossed cover (design to be confirmed) but this is a good starting point.

Carlo Rovelli’s Seven Brief Lessons on Physics (book design by  Coralie Bickford-Smith).


Ritual glyphs

Sketching out ideas for hand drawn backdrops...

In keeping with the 'Man who fell to earth' / 70's films / occultism theme I was thinking of star glyphs...

The drawing of these will form part of the performance; either sat in the circle or it framing a backdrop...


A solitary candle

Loving the bandaged eye get up in Black Star.

The next series in 'Just Waves on Space' will use cello-tape to create masks...great minds think alike!

© 2015 Black Star - David Bowie


Studio build: Expressionist bookshelves?

Studio furnishing continues... a few free moments utilised to install some new KALLAX bookshelves...

OK its a picture of a bookshelf...I know exciting right! but its an achievement to get these in when time is in short supply, this is why I appreciate this blog which has been invaluable during these arty doldrums, validating and documenting the studio build, which is integral to my practise moving forwards.

Of course I still continue to sketch book and have a schedule of work planned; but not until these studios are finished and I have my time back...all I can say is it involves cello-tape.



Studio build: The blinding whiteness of the tundra

I've finally completed the interior construction and white-washing of our new studios / office / summerhouse and I seem to have replicated the white room from THX 1138.

Time restrictions created delay after delay and the winter made drying off of plaster especially difficult.

Admittedly it is a little stark; well actually very stark, walls surprisingly blending in with ceiling and floor... the effect is gloriously disorientating but I've still to install some home comforts, paint one entire wall orange, put in some book shelves, mirrors, rugs, a big red sofa; all of which will eventually provide much needed colour and kill the feeling of an infinite expanse.

Time is as always limited hence the delays and intermittent schedule. However once finished this studio will unfold new horizons. I've been critical of myself during this time for pouring so much of what free time I do have into this build; when I could be making art.

To that I remind myself that my time (for art) is limited; many others do manage it but not without some sacrifice. For myself that's unacceptable which is why I've built these studios as they will allow me more immediacy and flexibility.


Studio build: Mirrors maketh a studio

A weekend break at Birmingham's Rotunda hotel and I find our room reflects my plans for a circular mirror for the studio.

This will look fabulous...

I can't wait to get started on this but there's still lots left to do before I can begin on decor.

Studio build: Night painting

Its been a busy couple of weeks in our new studios as interior construction continues.

As I'm doing all this work myself I have had to take time off work, my leave consumed obtaining materials, putting in insulation, plastering, electrics etc and to be able to complete on time and with all my leave gone; I've had to resort to building at night.

All easy work just deceptively time consuming...

Its at times like this that I wish I had paid out more so that everything would have been built months ago,  however I keep reminding myself that by doing all this work I have saved thousands... but it is taking forever as time is something I don't have a great deal of, thanks to full time work.


I've now begun white-washing and walking around this white cube at night I'm surprised by how incredible it looks, there's so much potential here.

It's also surprisingly warm inside and on these starry nights I can see us relaxing in here at some point with a nice bottle of the old splishy-splashy.

It's all bleeding coming together.


Studio build: Jovian walls

Beautiful but dangerous...having a cup of tea whilst admiring the wall, ceiling and floor 'insulation' I've installed into our new studios.

The installation was easy and by doing this myself I've shaved 2/3 thirds of the overall cost of this build. Shame to cover it all up...

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