Studio build: The blinding whiteness of the tundra

I've almost finished the painting of the interior of our new studios / office / summerhouse and I seem to have replicated the white room from THX 1138.

Time restrictions have created delay after delay and the winter weather meant all my plastering and painting took ages to dry off.

Admittedly it is a little stark; well actually very stark, walls surprisingly blending in with ceiling and floor... the effect is gloriously disorientating but I've still to install some home comforts, paint one entire wall orange, put in some book shelves, mirrors, rugs, a big red sofa; which will eventually provide much needed warmth.

Time is as always limited hence the delays and intermittent schedule. However once finished this studio will unfold new horizons.


Studio build: Mirrors maketh a studio

A recent trip to Birmingham's Rotunda hotel... our room reflects my plans for a circular mirror for the studio.

This will look fabulous...

I can't wait to get started on this but there's still lots left to do before I can begin on decor.

Studio build: Night painting

Its been a busy couple of weeks in our new studios.

I've used up all my annual leave on its construction, so much so I've now had to resort to working on it at night so as to complete the last stages: plastering, sanding, painting etc all easy work just deceptively time consuming...

By doing all the interior construction myself I have saved thousands... but it is taking forever as time is something I don't have a great deal of thanks to full time work. Frustrating.

Walking around this white cube at night is incredible; so much potential and its so warm inside on these starry nights. I can see us relaxing in here at some point with a nice bottle of the old splishy-splashy.

It's all bleeding coming together.


Studio build: Jovian walls

Beautiful but dangerous...having a cup of tea whilst admiring the wall, ceiling and floor 'insulation' I've installed into our new studios.

The installation was easy and by doing this myself I've shaved 2/3 thirds of the overall cost of this build. Shame to cover it all up...



A lovely recollection of Egon Schiele: The Radical Nude - The Courtauld Institute of Art exhibition we went to not long ago.

A favourite artist and a great inspiration for my practice.

Book in a box

A nice reminder of an earlier idea for the publication of Just Waves In Space...loose pages inside a box...

B. S. Johnson 'The Unfortunates' 1969


Studio build: Choosing window frame colour...

Outre` Orange!

Studio build: Love is the devil…the building of studios…

© Love is the Devil – Study for a Portrait of Francis Bacon - Artificial Eye
Being without a studio for a protracted period redirected my arty energies hence my absence from this blog... 

After felling some trees a sizable plot of land made it's self available so it seemed only logical to take advantage and build our own, the benefits being savings on studio rent but most importantly the provision of an immediate space for creativity. 

For blog continuity construction took forever due to delays because of weather and mix ups by the manufacturers but thankfully the foundations and main build are now completed and we are now the happy owner's of a very spacious and rather cheeky modernist looking home studio. So I'm just checking in to acknowledge that I'm still alive and active...

The studio interior is still needs building which I've opted to do myself so as to keep the costs down (insulation,  electrics, cladding, plastering)
 so no glossy photos just yet...

Once the studios have been fully completed I'll post more...I promise...and showcase the 'space' being used.


The New Studios?

Foundations are being lain, remnants burnt; something new will become apparent....soon...


Prenzlauer Berg is haunted

Current poster promotion for Splendid Berlin Magazine 'Prenzlauer Berg is haunted'.

© Splendid Berlin

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