My sketch book process starts - I don’t draw/doodle so much as write and assimilate scraps of images as I find them and work over them.

Again time is an every present nemesis so sketch-booking is a salve during breaks at work or spare moments commuting.

Images of Thomas Newton from Man Who Fell to Earth or rather the alien have been forming in my mind but I make a point at this stage of not looking through original source material.

The DVD and paperback look at me from the shelves. 

I’ve be drawn to building something, maybe a featureless suit covered in lots of tubing along with shin pads. 

I had a similar idea last year which I never developed, which would have involved learning to knit a Ziggy/Bowie/alien romper suit with me creeping around the forest and hiding up trees...however I put a halt to it as it seemed too over the top, except the recent country walk has re-awakened the idea I think, maybe it just needs to be more low-fi….

I’'ve been dying to re-watch the film and search for images but hold back as I don’t want to go too much in one direction. I start compiling lists to do this, do that, go buy swimming caps, what about knee pads, was that a 1970s plastic chair in the basement, paint everything white and where can I buy tubing! 

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Soon I have something akin to a shopping list for junk which I’ll hunt for through E-bay and local D.I.Y stores.

The lists will slowly get crossed off one by one, but only to get replaced by another series of lists of stuff to do.

Next on the list ruddy make something!
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