Studio build: Night painting

Its been a busy couple of weeks in our new studios as interior construction continues.

As I'm doing all this work myself I have had to take time off work, my leave consumed obtaining materials, putting in insulation, plastering, electrics etc and to be able to complete on time and with all my leave gone; I've had to resort to building at night.

All easy work just deceptively time consuming...

Its at times like this that I wish I had paid out more so that everything would have been built months ago,  however I keep reminding myself that by doing all this work I have saved thousands... but it is taking forever as time is something I don't have a great deal of, thanks to full time work.


I've now begun white-washing after installing the ceiling, walls and floating floor, backbreaking but satisfyingly affordable. Walking around this white cube at night I'm surprised by how incredible it now looks, there's so much potential here.

It's also surprisingly warm inside and on these starry nights I can see us relaxing in here at some point with a nice bottle of the old splishy-splashy.

It's all bleeding coming together.

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