In the studios: Lost in my circle

Ritual, repetition and restriction.

Intended as bookmark to this series. I’m now drawing within the work, an act of ritual framing which centralises and intensifies the figure. However I'm not sold on this direction...

© Hilton Vasey 'Just Waves in Space

I had high hopes for this 'element' but these shots were out of focus . But experimentation is healthy and I acknowledge wrong turns, who knows if this is somewhere to re-visit at a later date.

For now I've expunged all my film so it off to the stores to locate more Polaroids....afterwards I may move onto series 3 of Waves In Space...or I may re-visit this segment. I've become somewhat obsessed with hands of late and given 'Just Waves in Space' glacial pace I'm thinking of taking a short diversion...

© Hilton Vasey 'Just Waves in Space

© Hilton Vasey 'Just Waves in Space

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