Left hand path

Channelling a little Crowley and finally getting around to those early sketch-book scribbles.

These new shots are a lot cleaner due to a new camera and care given to lighting. 

Again it constitutes simple collage, double exposure and in-camera effects.

© Hilton Vasey 'A narrative of hands'
© Hilton Vasey 'A narrative of hands'

I'm still in no real hurry to conclude this project, the final objective remains the same; to produce my own publication, but since I realined my personal perspective some 6 years ago from 'art career' towards focusing on family that momentum to complete wavered, I probably consider myself semi-retired in that respect; making art soely for myself.

I'd plans to establish a sales page recently but obviously that fell by the way-side without my nocticing, being preocupied as I am with more important things in life. 

I'm promising myself to shift gear, complete the work, launch the sales page and crank-up the practise some more but really....there doesnt seem any imperiative.

Once I've finally concluded this work, I know I'll take my jolly time making the book, and then promoting it.


As above so below

Solve & coagula

 Another revivification of a previous session.

Simple in-camera effect, turn everything upside down.

© Hilton Vasey 'A narrative of hands'


Supine and shim

Here we are one magical moment.

Re-channeling that old Crowley: Supine and shim

© Hilton Vasey 'A narrative of hands'

 A revivification of previous session, following a very long absence from the studios due to commitments and loss of film stock. More to come.
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