Death Mask

A period of much non-blogging has been filled with mask making… 

I’ve used masks in my work previously as a way to further break up form but also create a barrier between me and the camera, either via pillowcases, bin liners, light bulbs, ping pong balls or something more sculptural, providing freedom to manipulate the body and persona. 

I started using them when I needed something to block out my features as I wanted to step out of the picture, a handy pillowcase did the trick but accompanied with a set of swimming goggles allowed me to adopt another personality – but still remain me. Since then I’ve incorporated masks in one shape or another constructed from found objects into either art-objects or simple props. 

The most recent mask for Just Waves In Space is more of a death mask, the intention had been for something more ‘Mr. Newton-like’ through exaggerating the features but this simply made it look more like me, which I prefer….its a combination of a full face cast and rough bric-a-brac, house paint and plaster which weighs a tonne, my intention to produce something rough, almost hand drawn and highly contrasting so it breaks up / merges when shot with the Polaroid…

Edit 2016: I eventually threw this idea out the window in favour of just using a roll of sellotape.

© Hilton Vasey 'Tesla Thought Photography Helmet'
© Hilton Vasey 'Cocked Hat'

© Hilton Vasey 'Just Waves In Space'
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