Snow days...

Recently we became parents, so I've been pouring all my attention into making sure this new little person is my first and only number 1 priority. Obviously I haven't missed the studio one bit. 

I've still found time to be creative be it decorating the bathroom '2001' (Kubrick) style or making a whole bunch of silly 1970's toys for the new addition.

As well as shifting my embroidery skills to these various characters, I've been reviewing my practise. Previously in this blog I’d indicated I wanted to incorporate ritual, however this period away has allowed me to acknowledge that I already do this... I’d just become complacent.

Looking over the 1st chapter 'I fell' I realise I’d actually accumulated well over 100 images for 'Just Waves in Space' but I hadn't acknowledged them all as integral, at the time casting many of them aside as spoiled!

From this I could see I had been taking for granted many of the various actions I use in these performances, repetition, drawing, limb binding etc as I had over time begun to see them as just normal!

What's next I've decided then is a more concentrated direction at ‘documenting’ each physical step I take…

'Heres me binding my face with cello tape, heres me drawing out a square on the floor etc, the various little things I took for granted will now take more of a central stage and I’m excited to see where this will take me.
For the time being I'm holding out on practise-led-work until the little-un is at least toddling around, I'm also building a studio/sun house at the bottom of the garden!....more to come.
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