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© Love is the Devil – Study for a Portrait of Francis Bacon - Artificial Eye
Its been such a long time being without studios and as such my arty energy was redirected into parenting or assimilated by the day job, hence my absence from this blog...

That was until a sizeable plot was uncovered in our garden and it seemed only logical to take advantage of and build our own studios. 

The obvious benefits would be I'd save on studio rent, expand the family home but most importantly it would provide an immediate space for creativity whenever time became available. 

For blog continuity construction began some time ago hence my absence, with ground-breaking taking forever to complete, due to various delays but mostly my own insistence on staying within budget; but thankfully the foundations and main build are now completed and we're the happy owner's of a very spacious, buildings regs compliant and rather cheeky modernist looking home studio situated at the end of our garden. So I'm just checking in to acknowledge that I am still alive and active...

But its far from complete.

The studio interior still needs building and as I opted to do this myself to reduce the overall costs considerably (insulation,  electrics, cladding, plastering)
 so there's no glossy photos just yet...again time is my ever present nemesis, my biggest obsticle, full time work exhausts me mentally, and I have little free time aftwards and I'm not the sort of person to sacrifice family time which for me over-rides my art-practise; hense why these projects take such...time.

But I'm no longer in any rush, I'm a happy new farther with a swell new studio and in no hurry.

I'll post more...I promise...

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