Studio build: The blinding whiteness of the tundra

I've finally completed the interior construction and white-washing of our new studios / office / summerhouse and I seem to have replicated the white room from THX 1138.

Time restrictions created delay after delay and the winter made drying off of plaster especially difficult.

Admittedly it is a little stark; well actually very stark, walls surprisingly blending in with ceiling and floor... the effect is gloriously disorientating but I've still to install some home comforts, paint one entire wall orange, put in some book shelves, mirrors, rugs, a big red sofa; all of which will eventually provide much needed colour and kill the feeling of an infinite expanse.

Time is as always limited hence the delays and intermittent schedule. However once finished this studio will unfold new horizons. I've been critical of myself during this time for pouring so much of what free time I do have into this build; when I could be making art.

To that I remind myself that my time (for art) is limited; many others do manage it but not without some sacrifice. For myself that's unacceptable which is why I've built these studios as they will allow me more immediacy and flexibility.

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