In the studios Wednesday: Lost in translation - sello taping limbs

Today’s session continues the use of sellotape except today I focus on the limbs.

Sellotape is fast becoming my favourite new costume accessory. Much like yesterday the day begins early with some tea and a rummage through some vinyl then its just loading a camera and off we go...

To be played at maximum volume...
The process of binding is becoming a ritual, but essentially I repeat the events of yesterday except today I focus solely on binding my arms, nothing else; and of course it goes something like this:

• setting a timer; running into position; binding; waiting for flash; going back to the camera; apply double exposure quirk; quickly jump back; bind some more; repeat...

There’s some chaos too - I make mistakes, miss my position, fall over etc, but also there’s a lot of exhausting lateral thinking, remembering where my limbs where, are going to be, to enable the double exposure.

And remember I only have 5 shots per cartridge of expired film.

As always there's the urge to keep going, to move onto the next session however I'm aware I need to take stock. To slow down. This is how I've planned to work - one element a day. Each one is its own performance.

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© Hilton Vasey 'Just Waves in Space'

© Hilton Vasey 'Just Waves in Space'

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