Carry my eyes

Following the first bunch of initial test shots I've planned out six chapters broad enough to provide room for experimentation and development: 'falling', 'lost', 'having a nice sit down', 'going a little wrong - with ammunition', 'trying to build a space ship' and 'having a drink and giving up' or something to that affect... since the last session I also introduced ping pong balls to create more of a mask. 

© Hilton Vasey 'Just Waves in Space'

The ‘eyes’ came about after watching the brilliant Marty Fedlman in 'The bed-sitting room' 1969 a surreal Milligan comedy set in post-nuclear-holocaust London and 'Young Frankenstein' 1974, as well as the RenĂ© Laloux's 1973 animated film 'Le planete sauvage' which I remember watching as a small child and only recently been able to track down on DVD. 

My girlfriend’s been giving me her honest opinions throughout, on seeing ‘the eyes’ she burst out laughing which made my day, absurdity has always been important in my work.

Le planete sauvage 1973 © Argos Films
‘Carry my eyes’ was graffiti painted on the building opposite my old studio years ago, it just came to mind…

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