The Chase Monkey Man

My girlfriend and I went walking with friend Mark Fernyhough on Cannock Chase, Marks a huge David Bowie fan (aren’t we all) as well as having a healthy fascination with everything ghostly and weird, he was here on a break from Berlin and wanted to take in a walk through Chase forest. 

Mark kept our spirits up with stories about Man who fell to earth, the Chase Monkey Man and an assortment of hidden obelisks in the area and stories of people reportedly ‘seeing things’ from UFO’s to some strange local legends such as the ‘monkey man’.

It’s been a long while since I walked these old woods, its a little ‘tourist’ friendly in some places, but the forest is still pretty wild if you’re prepared to jump the fence and get your winkle pickers muddy.

Cannock Chase 2011
© Hilton Vasey

We took a tonne of images as the forest changes each step you take, from steep hills, dark groves, broken trees and hidden frozen lakes; all of which jolt some ideas free which start creeping up on me; vague recollections seem to be forming something into shape which I might be able to work with... 

Mark Fernyhough
© Mark Fernyhough / Hilton Vasey

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