An idea

This is my first blog, so I’m a little apprehensive so please bare with me if this stream of drivel goes nowhere fast. 

This blog is to document the progress and the processes of my art practice, but also of putting together a self-published art book...

Why a book? The idea to develop an art book came about from discussions with artists from the No SuchThing collective at their recent Perception-Deception exhibition at BLANKSPACE in Manchester

An impromptu meeting about what to do next brought out the idea to publish our own group book showcasing artists work since the group’s creation. 

We thought how many people will get to see an art book as opposed to an exhibition, a book is a tactile object, an art object of function, something that you hold on to and explore regularly (that’s if it’s any good) it gets shared, passed around and gets a good seeing to by a large number of people.

The idea gripped us as extremely do-able, publication has now become so affordable anyone can put together a book and a limited run for a reasonable price.

At the time ‘print on demand’ was considered the most practical option by many due to its low cost, the problem of obtaining an ISBN and written forward was looked into by Dean Kelland and it was initially agreed we also sell the work through our website No SuchThing collective.

The No SuchThing collective book is currently in hiatus pending further meetings to agree on content but this idea of publishing work I found really exciting so whilst the group got back together I thought ‘why not have a crack at this myself, how affordable is it to publish your own book and how does all this self-publishing malarkey work'?

So I start researching and I start blogging too...

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