Swimming Caps and Lemonade

I now have a plan of action - a long list of stuff to collect and little things that need doing, mainly prep work such as buy film, clearing areas that sort of thing.

I've ordered some materials from e-bay for the costume which I'm waiting on but I've been able to get hold of some things locally, mainly egg boxes and swimming caps, shin pads and lemonade bottles.

Getting ahead of my plans I decide to white wash some of the props I've already been able to collect, mainly as something constructive to do (Painting the props blends them into the film and break up my form). So it’s off to the basement to splash emulsion around.

Afterwards with things drying I looked for another distraction to keep my momentum up (I get a lot of washing up / cleaning done in these moods) so I did some test shoots with the swimming caps and some Impossible Silver shade film.

© Hilton Vasey 'Swimming Caps'

I kind of liked the results but don’t know if this is what I am after, but it boosted my confidence at least. I quickly scaned them in as the Silver shade is rather light sensitive and the image can degrade if not protected.

As I had time left over I start splashing other props with black paint as I had a thought, 'why don’t I have a crack at a spaceship as well?’ mainly because we have this big table lamp 'orb' similar to the one from that scene....I hold off from doing any more as I'm in danger of doing something silly... wait for the materials....

I conclude by doing the washing up.

Station to Station: © David Bowie

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